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i love you till last of my breath
Sabtu, 11 Jun 2011 | 7:56 PTG | 0 comments
dear , i love you dear, i need you dear , i want you , i miss you darling , i love you until die ,
 .i really love you till i die.
i may die if there is no crew on my side . i want you to promise me dear , plz dont leave me .
i'm very please with the crew . I pledge to you that i will never leave you . i promise dear ^^v.
i believe in you and you believe me right ?
i want us to remain forever dear . i want to make you as a friend of my life forever .
 and i wish you could  be my wife ?
you're pretty , you're KIND , you're cute , you're obey to me , i like the way you are .
and you can be good for my wife and righteous state in one day ?
♥ i love you NurNazifa  

 i love you sincerely 

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